Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Canucks / Kings Game 4

1st period 19:37 – straight in from the BOS/BUF OT game. Lu tested early. The LA fans begin taunting with cries of “Turrrruttuurrrrrroooo”

1st period 17:52 – Baumgartnerr’s first shift. Put him on the Pat Falloon All Stars of hyped World Junior stars that never quite panned out.

1st period 12:40 – a little footage from the warm-ups where the league collected $57K in fines; confirms what Canuck fans thought of Shane “immediate gratification” O’Brien; his mind is not wired to the larger picture. Well, that and he as a piss poor shot.

1st period 10:50 - Canucks on the ice Christian, Pavol, Tanner, Nolan and Jannik. Sounds like the guestlist at Celebrities.

1st period 8:10 – Burrows replaces Bernier on PP2. Vignault must have received my thesis titled, “Coaching – set your lines like it’s a video game”.

1st period 6:26 - another LA PP goal. Definitely starting to sense a theme here.

1st period 1:38 – Canucks passes are so tentative and airborne they look more like soccer crosses

1st period recap: if the Canucks are Snooki, then it was pretty much worst case scenario. Tequila shots (penalties) and desperate dudes (Kings PP) were the demons.

1st period 1:36 - Da Rude Sandstorm plays right before the faceoff. Apprently the Kings Game Presentation staff forgot their “Hockey Songs” CD and instead brought “Strip Club Anthems” instead

2nd period – Kings with a nice cycle, Jim Hughson really enjoying saying “Ahhhn-zaaay Koooo-pit-arrrrrrrr”

2nd period 16:24 - Snooki gets a glass of water and finds new life. 1-1

2nd period 15:11 – Bieksa takes a penalty for pitchforking. Scrum ensues, Dustin Brown gets to find out if O’Brien’s gloves smell.

Sedins on the PK. I like the shakeup. Now all we need is John Namestnikov as our 6th D-man.

2nd period 13:55 – 9th PP goal; words Canucks fans thought they’d never hear – “what we need is Ryan Johnson”. Craig Simpson describes it as “no chance for Luongo”. Really? No screen, snapshot from the top of the circle? Really.

2nd period 12:28 – Luongo has dropped his stick for the 8327th time in the series.

2nd period 11:18 – Scott Oake reports that Rob Scuderi earned the nickname the “SCUD Missile” in his university dorm by not flushing

2nd period 10:42 - delayed penalty; Ehrhoff works a neutral zone give n go with Roberto Turturro

2nd period 7:22 – Jannick Hansen 2 minutes for being interfered with. Interesting call. Release the internet conspiracy hounds!

2nd period 5:22 – Snooki actually refuses a shot of JD.

2nd period 4:25 – Pavol NicetaMeetya. 2-2.

2nd period 3:38 - Dustin Brown gives Burrows a Stone Cold Stunner

2nd period 3:11 - Ahhhn-zaaay Koooo-pit-arrrrrrrr makes it 3-2 in a play where we were going to get penalized for him highsticking himself.

CBC catches a heated exchange between Shane O’Brien and assistant coach Rick Bowness. Apparently peeping LA Kings Ice Crew’s baumgartners doesn’t show good focus.

3rd Period 15:30 – Snooki is tempted to take some sips of her friend’s double vodka redbull. But Knish from Rounders saves the day by flashing his leather.

3rd period 13:36 – great save Turturro! And great call by the white Gus Johnson!

3rd period 12:30 – the Canucks go retro and bring back the always dangerous slap-pass. New game.

3rd period 10:24 – Mikky Sam another solid hit and establishes himself as an early favorite for the Conn Smythe

3rd period 9:37 – what do we have here? Too many man LA? Snooki, turns the tables and starts buying shots for the crew.

3rd period 7:44 – Sami Salo gives Vancouver the lead and does so while wearing Robert Nordmark’s old #6

3rd period 6:42 – Wayne Simmonds ties it up for the Mike Krushelniskys and does so while wearing Bob Corkum’s old #17.

3rd period 4:38 – some dude with the world’s largest melon standing up in front of the camera. Have a seat. PS nice crew cut.

3rd period 3:05 – Doughty with the hockey equivalent of the soccer “toe punt it out of bounds” by just jumping on Samuelsons stick

3rd period 2:52 – kfjsd;kfjds;fkljdskdfjsdlkfjsdlk HANK! HANK! Celebrates like an OT winner. Love it.

3rd period 1:45 – According to Hughie Wellwood “Smeagols away from a check”. No one smeagols better than Wellwood.

3rd period 0:50 – nice work by Danny Russo to kill some time deep in the zone while Cobra Kai gangbang him.

3rd period 0:16 – Kesler ices it. Well done.

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