Saturday, April 17, 2010

Canucks / Kings Game 2

1st Period 20:00 – Not sure if its by design or technical difficulty but CBC lets the fans do the intro. No voiceovers, no ice-level reporter yelling over the crowd. Nice touch.

1st Period 19:58 – After a shot of the Odds opening the game with a riff in the Best Buy lounge, Jim Hughson opens with the line “Odds are, this is going to be a pretty good game…” thank you Hughie, glad you’re here all week.

1st Period 14:41 – after the whistler Dustin Brown shoves Jannik Hansen and I am pretty sure I saw him mouth the words, “weren’t you the barista who served my Starbucks this morning?”

1st Period 12:26 - the good news? Canucks score on the PP. The bad news? Its Steve Bernier with a JOTS (Jonny on the spot) which means he will probably stay on PP2.

1st Period 11:41 – Can someone tell me when Ric Flair became an official Canucks spokesman? Still on the fence on how I feel about the “Woooo!” after each goal announcement but leaning toward the “dislike” camp.

1st Period 9:51 – 2 – bagel. The always dangerous swagger-buzz creeps into GM Place.

1st Period 5:01 – Shane O’Brien rags the puck ona nifty breakout, doing his best to lose his nickname “Chloe”

1st Period 2:49 - Andrew Alberts with his second penalty of the game. [Ed note: note sure why I logged this…perhaps coincidental foreshawdowing for 13:42 of the 3rd]

1st Period 1:15- Save by Luongo, scrum ensues. Triangle triangle triangle

2nd Period 12:12 – shot of Terry Murray behind the bench; but the real story here is the gentleman behind him with the Affliction sweatshirt and necklace that looks like a golden dog leash. You can bet he will have that same seat when UFC comes to town in a few months.

2nd Period 10:42 – Craig Simpson and Jim Hughson discuss “Face punchabilty” citing Rich Clume as the top of the their list. Let’s revisit this list a little later..

2nd Period 9:45 – in minor hockey, you learn quickly that wet hockey gear stinks. But there is a tolerable threshold and the there is a transcendent level of stench that only a few kids are able to pull off. By the looks of Ryan Smyth’s chinstrap in High Definition, he was THAT kid

2nd Period 9:05 – 2-1 goal.

2nd Period 8:27 – 2-2. Ouch.

2nd Period 1:20 – Another Canucks PP. Is it me or are the green guys not on their game tonight? Seems like the top green guy is more concerned about how his junk looks on national TV

2nd Intermission– Frank D’Angelo has personally gone out of his way to ensure I never buy a Cheetah drink

3rd Period 15:56 – little brew-ha-ha ensues as Samuelsson gets a shoulder to the chest at mid-ice by the vodka-guy Stolli. More notably though, brings up one of my biggest pet peeves; camera men who, as soon as the whistle blows, push the camera to the sky, as if to say “play has stopped, therefore field of play does not need to be filmed, and I can now scratch my itch”
While we are here, the other broadcast pet peeves a) not replaying fights in slow motion enough, and b) cameramen with low hockey IQ, awestruck by the puck and all too often miss big checks that are delivered after the puck has been passed.

13:42 – Andrew Albertsss third penalty. Hopefully that solidifies his spot in the press box at the Staples Centre. Maybe he should go back to the Canadian Tire team from which he came.

18:52 – Kopitar bangs home a knob-gobbler of a goal. CBC pans to the Kings press box where Kings management celebrate. Which leaves me with only one question heading into Game 3…why did they rename the Superbowl trophy after the Kings GM?

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  1. Don't forget about the brutal refing...yet again. Full of non-calls and brutal ones. interesting to see if any King besides "night train" can score 5 on 5 this series.