Monday, April 19, 2010

Canucks / Kings Game 3

1st Period 20:00 – Kings walk out of Harry Potter’s Wizarding World Castle as the Game Presentation team goes out on a limb with Back in Black entrance music.

Alan Held sings the anthem to a few classless boo birds and checks the lyrics on his iPod

1st Period 17:51 – Mason Raymond snipes. Surprising ovation for the bad guys!

1st Period 16:47 – Tanner Glass’ first shift of the game. Not to be confused with Danny or DJ Tanner.

1st Period 15:53 – Steve Bernier absolutely nails Rich Clune and sets the record for Most Expensive hit ever at $850,000.

Poor camera work and we miss the Quick-Hank shoving match; sounds like a porno. The crowd seems so amazed with the physicality of the game. Reminds me of a WWE crowd – they aren’t really sure whether to cheer or boo, but as long as there is carnage they will be entertained.

1st Period 11:30 – Edler is an animal.

1st Period 10:54 – Good friend and fellow Vancouverite at the game texts, “there’s a sign that reads Don’t fear the Gingers!”

1st Period 8:56 – Doughty scores; the Staples Centre goal horn sounds like my friends old Dodge Aries getting hit by a freight train. Nice psychological warfare with the cafeteria-fries-warmer-red-light shining down on Luongo after a goal.

1st Period 6:31 – Jack Johnson regroups, and throws a massive head fake to nobody in particular.

There needs to be a tool in advertising that measures product and brand boycotts due to enormous ad buys coupled with terrible creative. In a related story, I am pretty sure I will never eat at an East Side Marios.

Scott Oake reports that Rob Scuderi’s nickname is “the Piece”. Similarly, Canucks fans have crowned Andrew Alberts as “the Tool”.

2nd Period 18:54 – unnamed LA fan needs a lesson in glass banging 101 as he tosses a half dozen right jabs at the glass.

2nd Period 15:56 – fresh batch of fries dropped into the cafeteria warmer; 2-1 Tom Laidlaws.

2nd Period 15:55 – quick glance at Ryan Smyth’s goalie knob. Is that really necessary?

2nd Period 7:42 – 3 – 1 Marcel Dionnes. The PK is killing us.

2nd Period 6:49 – Rome tea kettles Halpern

2nd Period 6:39 – Richardson scores, the assist to Wellwood and Rome. Kings chase Luongo. 4-1 Ron Dugays.

2nd Period 5:07 – Mike Sam. Snips top shelf.

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