Sunday, April 25, 2010

Canucks / Kings Game 6

Game 6 Highlights

• LA organist playing “Brass Bonanza”
• Hughie makes note of Ryan Smyth’s 6 inch tip that almost went in.
• Its now physically impossible for Hughie to say just “Kopitar”. He’s the reverse Gandhi.
• Alexander Frolov making his presence felt after the Kings made a trade for him in between Game 5 and 6…is that legal??
• Was the Samuelsson penalty a sneaky backwards way of the officials getting back at Luongo for his soccer-like antics?
• Did we ever find out why Carolina was so quick to give up on Jack Johnson? 1st round pedigree traded for Tim Gleason and a roll of sock tape.
• Luongo, brutally out of position, makes a McLean-like statement save on Ryan “Reichel” Smyth.
• The assist that won’t get an assist on the Bernier goal; Wellwood’s subtle stick on O’Donnell that forces him to muff the clearing attempt.
• Nice replay of Hank Sedin narrowly missing Dustin Brown’s Slap Chop
• Clutch 3rd period by the twins, Mikky Sam and dare I say, SOB.
• See you in Round 2 – my money is on the Hawks, but it would be nice to see the Yotes.
• The fan in me hopes that Hughie gets the Canucks series, the blogger in me hopes for some fresh meat. Hughson has got so good, he is not only calling a fantastic game, but he is also lobbing Simpson home run pitches and learning to mitigate his deplorability

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