Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Canucks / Hawks Game 1

• Perhaps I am biased having played my minor hockey in Coquitlam (home of the Chiefs), but are there any better jerseys than the Chicago Blackhawks?
• Its always interesting to see the electricity in the building in other arenas. For whatever reason, the cheers feel more authentic than they did at the Staples Centre. Cheering solidly throughout the anthem? That’s pretty cool.
• Hate to say it, but I like Chicago’s theme: One Goal.
• The obligatory scan of the benches reveals a greased up Rypien looking like he’s ready to go five rounds in the octagon

• 1st period 19:59 Did Jim Hughson just call them the Chicago Blackcocks?
• 1st period 8:03 Patrick Kane’s mullet narrowly misses an open net.
• 1st period 6:45 Patrick Sharp – I wonder if he is in any relation to Frankie "Mr. Big" Sharp of Sharp Records from Waynes World?
• 1st Period Ehrhoff scores, the assist to Raymond and Sopel. Never did I think I would be able to type this sentence: The more Brent Sopel plays, the better chance we have at winning the game.
• Joel Quenneville looks like he shops at Ingledews
• Wellwood muscles through a mugging to push in the 4-0 goal. We haven't seen mitt in the face like that since this picture made its rounds on the internet.

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