Friday, May 7, 2010

Canucks / Hawks Game 4

Loney bats leadoff again and we see Gold Chain Guy immediately behind Quenneville. I think if anyone needs to step it up for Game 4 its Gold Chain Guy. He needs to be our Fat Tony and pull some favors with the family, dig some dirt on the Hawks.

1st Period 19:42 Well that didn’t take long. 1 bagel. Am I the only one who thinks Bieksa should have laid into D-Buff much earlier?

1st Period 18:26 Nice answer by a casual looking Wellsy. A street hockey goal – no look bat out of the air.

1st Period 15:23 Craig Simpson suggests that the Canucks leave D-Buff alone in front of the net. In a related story, Craig Simpson has D-Buff in his hockey pool.

1st Period 11:53 Great shift by Mason Raymond. One of the few Canucks who, in this series looks like he has a “playoff mode” where he adds a dimension to his game. Love how he holds the speed burst button as well.

1st Period 10:47 Another penalty by SOB. D-Buff showing more restraint than Wellwood at the buffet.

1st Period 10:39 2-0. Luu?

1st Period 8:35 Penalty to Marryann Hossa for a well choreographed fall by Kesler and we see Ken Hitchcock working the penalty gate.

1st Period 5:26 Daniel broken-rush PP goal. Game has the making of a good old fashioned shoot-out.

1st Period 4:31 Pass back to Alberts on the point and Alberts dumps it in? EA Sports, I hope you are watching – change that Offensive Awareness to 18 please.

1st Period 3:03 A rare look at Adam Burish, who is a Volkswagen van and a pair of Birkenstocks away from finding spirituality in the off-season.

1st Period 0:21 Sami Salo gets 2-minutes for playing good defence.

2nd Period 19:33 Another stellar start to the period. 3-2. Trying to wish this into a good omen.

2nd Period 18:05 CBC plugs their “All-Access” camera that fans can control live via the internet. Couldn’t think of a better way to watch a hockey game than through a low-resolution camera and streaming from a herky-jerky internet connection from weird angles controlled by guys on during the game. Other than that, sounds like a great promotion.

2nd Period 14:58 Unofficial stat: glass banging is up 89% in games that involveDustpan Byglifiufen.

2nd Period 9:50 Seabrook, arguably the hardest hitter in the series so far, goes awfully hard into the net to “draw” a penalty against Daniel. Canucks (lack of) PK and Luongo’s (lack of) rebound control make it 4-2.

2nd Period 6:30 Yikes. For the first time in my memory, Luongo getting sarcastic jeers for a dump in save he makes. Daniel with another short-fused penalty. Big moment in the series here.

2nd Period 5:45 Down two men, Canucks on the cusp of an epic unraveling……… or an eternal optimist would say an opportunity for galvanization.

2nd Period 4:33 Toews hattrick goal pretty much silences any glimmers of optimism. 5-2.

2nd Period 4:10 The season flashes before the team’s eyes as the Canucks go down two men again when Kopecky goes down after a Mason Raymond fart.

2nd Period 2:27 Hossa the recipient of an awful make-up call that showcases the brutal officiating.

2nd Period 1:46 Edler resuscitates the garage. 5-3.

3rd Period 15:08 Alberts looks surprised that he is getting a penalty for face-washing Kane WHILE Kane has the puck. Hmm.

3rd Period 13:00 6-3. 3-1.

3rd Period 9:00 Hawks play keepaway in the Canucks zone. If this game took place in Men’s league the Canucks would already have an email drafted to the commissioner asking to be tiered down a level.

3rd Period 6:36 As if they want to just clear out the fans early, the organist plays a dreadful rendition of Bittersweet Symphony. Can we get put this song on the “Internationally recognized list of songs that should never be played on an arena organ” please?

3rd Period 5:35 Signs that things are looking bleak: CBC has the time to pull “all-time back to back hattricks” by the Hawks.

3rd Period 5:23 Refusing to acknowledge the 6-4 goal because both teams are playing like NBA teams in the last minute of a game with a 23 point lead.

Seems like an apt commercial to close the broadcast with: Dr. Scholl’s Skin Tag Remover.

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  1. Great stuff as usual, Sunstrom!

    Valid point on the All-Access cam - who wants this? By the way, who needs the nerds at the iDesk either? CBC is not good at being relevant or cool - they should stick to what they know: Providing the best hockey broadcast the world has to offer.

    Also, I think glass-banging is way up accross the league this season. I remember the old days when you would politely tap your cane on the glass. Much more civilized.

    Good to see I'm not the only one creeped-out every time I see the Skin Tag commercial. I let out an audible "eww" every time I see it.