Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Canucks / Hawks Game 2

Anthem facial hair close-ups:
- Luongo sporting the “Hank Scorpio
- Burrows with the “Dirty Frenchman
- Toews with some textbook muttonchops
- Antti Niemi has the same barber as Scott Oake
- That King of Queens guy has yellow fever!

1st period 20:00 Refeees and linesmsn showcase their special handshake that rivals the Chicago Cubs homerun dance.

1st period 18:38 Mason Raymond’s Bad Teenage Mustache bangs home one of those fluky goals that usually go in against us.

1st period 17:59 Hank with a premature celebration on Bieksa’s cross-ice one-timer and rebound goal-post. Good to see the boys are loose.

1st period 15:57 Another goal line tease on the PP.

1st period 14:05 Sammy from Hank. Not sure what Brent Sopel was doing. Looks like he was playing nerf hockey in the hotel hallways.

1st period 6:05 Probably the best 4-minute stretch of back and forth playoff intense hockey yet.

1st period 1:30 Vancouver dodges a late period onslaught started by a SOB brainfart during the PK.

2nd period 11:45 Luuuuuuuuu on Burish

Not much to ramble on about; too much end to end action. Better flow than Duncan Keith’s hair.

Versteeg and Kesler trade 3 on 1 rushes during a Chicago PP. View from the living room tells me Versteeg should have shot but instead passed and Kesler should have passed instead of shot.

3rd Period 10:06 Wellwood is one of the few Canucks looking quite lethargic; the look written on his face say “I shouldn’t have had that deep dish pizza this morning.”

3rd period 8:18 some additions to the Tongues out All-Stars: Brent Seabrook and Michael Grabner

3rd period 6:49 Hawks charged with too many men.

3rd Period 5:17 Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Sharp records fires it high and wide. Fantast sports sidebar: Patrick Sharp is the NHL equivalent of Ben Zobrist. Multiple position eligibility and a huge contributor in the lesser known stat categories – face-offs won, shorthanded points, and a good plus minus player as well.

3rd Period 1:30 Steeg with a dagger. Canucks were scrambling. Luu was frenetic – any other play he would have had the angle.

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